PICTURE STORY: "Old-Time Mechanic"

Assignment: Louisville Courier-Journal

Published: Louisville Courier-Journal

Photos by Tammy Lechner

©Tammy Lechner/STILL Productions/Inc


Bill Herdt's auto repair shop in Oldham County, Kentucky includes an old-fashioned grease pit and an anvil his father used to pound out metal buggy wheels and horse shoes. Representing a throw-back to a more simple time, Herdt was known in this county, adjacent to Louisville, for his troubleshooting patience and willingness to work out mechanical problems on vintage autos.


Herdt's shop is remindful of a bygone era when gasoline cost about 31 cents per gallon. During his decades running the family business he saw the auto repair industry grow and change rapidly

Indicative of the changes Herdt has witnessed during his decades in the auto repair, a female rep stops in to take a parts order from Herdt

Hedt looks out into the cold, snowy Kentucky afternoon and wonders if this might be a good time to clean up for lunch


The Old Mechanic
Photographed by Tammy Lechner©

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