Adrienne Helitzer and Tammy Lechner are partners in STILL Productions, Inc, a communications company specializing in expert documentation of "story-telling" projects.

With the motto: "We Can Tell Your Story," the team produces photojournalism for both editorial and corporate clients in a variety of publication and presentation formats including articles, books, exhibits, and slide/lecture shows.

As former newspaper photographers, both Helitzer and Lechner are noted in the field of photojournalism, each working on newspaper staffs for more than 14 years, including two of the nation's top publications, the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Los Angeles Times. In addition, Lechner was part of a launch team creating a magazine division for the Orange County Register in 1999, and remained contracted as magazine photo editor through 2004. Meanwhile, Helitzer has contracted with the Walt Disney Company since 1989, and has produced photography documenting all aspects of Disneyland for more than 15 years.

Upon establishing STILL Productions in 1994, Helitzer and Lechner published an award-winning photodocumentary book on minor league baseball by Tammy Lechner, "IN THE CAL: Pastime Goes Primetime In California's Minor League," and recently produced an acclaimed documentary gallery exhibit based on the book, which showcased at Orange County's John Wayne Airport (Nov 17 through April, 2005).